Hydrogen gas generator

New Balston H2PEM Series Hydrogen Generators from Parker Hannifin Corp. (www.parker.com) are designed to eliminate dangerous and expensive cylinders of hydrogen fuel gases. Four models have been upgraded to produce more than 510 cc/min of clean, 99.9995- percent pure hydrogen. Special features include an advanced PEM electrochemical cell protection system with microprocessor controls, a water hydration circulation system, USB capability with software options for remote monitoring and control, blue-intensity back-lighted display for simple operator use with touch screen visuals for system status checks, automatic water-fill options and data-logging performance controls for preventive maintenance with reporting tools for use in regulated environments where system validations are required.

The generators allow gas chromatograph users to supply, control, and automate all hydrogen gas supplies. A single generator can support up to as many as 20 instruments with fuel gas. Other applications include fuel gases for total hydrocarbon analyzers, supply gases for hydrogenation reactors, hydrogen for pilot scale fuel cells assays and hydrogen for collision reaction gases. Each generator is available from the United States and includes a two-year PEM-cell warranty expandable to a two-year full system warranty when protected with a Balston preventive maintenance agreement.

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